Accounting & Tax



HIPAA Business Associate

We maintain HIPAA standards and can sign a business associate contract to satisfy their requirements.

Commitment to Technology and Security

We  use security, monitoring technology, and office procedures to safequard  the confidentiality of your records.  We also retain hard copies of  your records and tax returns for 5 years as an offsite backup for you.

Web Portal
We maintain a portal on which we can exchange secure information.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

We can post your books and provide bank reconciliations.

Bonus Calculations

We can assist you with calculations of employee bonuses.


Registration and verification.

Payroll Preparation

We can calculate or prepare your payroll directly and print it on your checks or post it for direct deposit.

Payroll Tax Returns, W-2s, and 1099s

Prepare all the monthly, quarterly, and annual payroll tax returns along with tax deposit calculations.

Financial Statements

We conduct audits, reviews, and compilations in accordance with established standards.


All forms of business and personal returns.  We can assist you in the case of tax audit

and/or advise you concerning tax notices.


Estimated  tax calculations, retirement plan reporting, research of special  issues, budgeting, consultations, DCAA reporting, estate planning,  workmen's compensation audits.